“Tonus-Les” company was established in 2000 and begun its activities from one pharmacy. Within years due to dynamic development and successful activities the company has earned its place in Armenian market as a leading pharmaceutical company. The company is guided by the international standard of Good Practice and it allows the company to be representative in the international market.The activities of the company include pharmacies, clinics of bioequivalence, wholesale and retail trade, representative office, contract manufacturing, Certification body, secondary packaging, release of a batch, “FDA laboratory”, management and monitoring of clinical researches, programme management, management of research centers, pharmacovigilance and management of clinical safety of drugs, medical documentation, services of drug registration, logistics.


“Tonus-Les” pharmaceutical company presented the first Armenian vitamin D -“D3 Tonus” to consumers. The entire production process of “D3 Tonus”, from technology development to final production, was carried out in Armenia in compliance with GMP standards. Production of a new series of vitamins is foreseen. Before establishing its own production “Tonus-Les” was represented in the market by trademarks “Tautonus”, “Silverton”, “Ambroton”. “Tonus-Les” is the official and exclusive representative of large number of worldwide pharmaceutical companies not only in Armenia, but also in Georgia. From 2012 the Georgian representation of the company “TONUS-LES GEORGIA” operates in Georgia. Currently the company has 30 pharmacies in Yerevan and regions of the RA, cooperates with more than 90% of pharmacies as well as with international companies. The building of the company corresponds to the worldwide GDP standards (Good Distribution Practices). The building of a new more spacious building corresponding to the European standards GDP Is foreseen in the near future. “Tonus-Les” has received various awards, diplomas, certificates. In 2010 at the European Business Summit held in Oxford “Tonus-Les” was awarded an honorable prize – “European quality”. “FDA laboratory” LTD Analytical laboratory is an essential acquisition of the company. Well-equipped laboratory complex includes 4 laboratories, which give him opportunity to conduct complete research of quality of medicines, food, cigarettes, food and non-food products. “FDA laboratory” LTD was projected and built in compliance with international standards GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and ISO/IEC 17025. The laboratory is located in the environmentally clean place – Nor Gyugh, Kotayk. Analytical laboratory “FDA laboratory” LTD was accredited by State Non-profit organization “National accreditation body” according with the law on Accreditation of the RA – Certificate of Accreditation № 050/T- 065. “FDA laboratory” LTD is registered in the unified registry of accrediting bodies and testing laboratories of the Eurasian Customs Union (http://www.eurasiancommission.org/ru/docs/Pages/IL_OS.aspx). “FDA laboratory” LTD was assigned as a conformity assessment authority and was authorized to issue Registration Certificates. In 2016 on the initiative of the company in the province of Kotayk the clinic of bioequivalence “St. G. Narekatsi Soul, Mind and Body Healing Center” was opened. The hospital rooms, were in sanitary condition and equipped with the necessary facilities.

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