“Healthy Pharm” LLC is engaged in production and  pharmacy  activities. Company was established  in 2010, but its  first  production has been presented  in 2013. “Healthy Pharm” company’s product range includes: large selection of plants and natural-healing herbal teas, in which are used thyme, օriganum, mint, helichrysum and many other plants of  Armenian  highlands, syrups: doshab, wild raspberry, golden sea buckthorn, plant-based cocoa and peach oils, disinfectants, medicine  boxes.

The company’s assortment includes a special line for people with diabetes: stevia teas, tea called “Nrbik”, honey elixir, each of which has immunosuppressive properties. Inspired by the idea that “Health begins with nature, it is maintained by thinking about it”, “Healthy Pharm” has chosen the slogan “Let’s think about health”. Indeed, the products made up  from the natural raw materials , stand out with the bright colors of nature, the health and the taste that caresses the palate. “Healthy Pharm” company, being faithful to its principles, plans to expand both the product range and the production volumes in the near future.

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