The pharmaceutical company “Medical Horizon” was established in 2006. The factory was built in compliance with EU conditions of Good Manufacturing Practice. Manufacturing technologies of factory correspond to European standards. “Medical Horizon” is still the only company in Armenia that produces suppositories: glycerin, diclon, cetamol, for children. The company manufactures also medicine in the form of syrups, suspensions, aqueous solutions. Currently the company produces 17 types of products in 32 different dosage forms and doses.


At each stage of manufacturing process, the company conducts quality control in its own chemical and microbiological laboratories. Crude drugs and auxiliary substances are delivered from European countries. Additives in suppository Novata are from France (COGNIS company), suspensions are from Germany (Schultz&Co). The company also cooperates with other companies such as BASF and Denipharm A/S. The company uses all required technologies and conducts procedures in ensuring the highest productivity of produced medicines and envisages to increase the production to a large extent.

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