“Liqvor” company started its activities in 1991 and was the first non-state company manufacturing drugs. In the territory of Republican clinical hospital, the Scientific manufacturing centre “Liqvor” was established and a production of intravenous, intramuscular infectious and ophthalmic sterile medicines was organized. Most of these products is exported. “Liqvor” was the first one on the post-Soviet territory that had elaborated and introduced intravenous fourth-generation fluoroquinolone-based medicine Moxicin® (Moxifloxacin).

In 2006 Osladex™ (based on hydroxyethyl starch) was produced, it was the first blood substitute within the CIS area. In October 2011 the company opened its own factory, which met the European criteria and GMP requirements. “Liqvor” the first in Caucasus received GMP certificate of compliance to European standards (GMP EU) in the area of production of sterile medicines. General Director of the company Sergey Matevosyan has received number of awards among which the Mercury Award for his contribution to development of domestic economy. In 2010, he was awarded with RA Prime Minister’s Gold Medal for the contribution to development of domestic economy. In 2015, he was awarded the “Pharmaceutical company of the year” prize. In August 2015, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and “Liqvor” signed an investment agreement on cooperation. EBRD became a shareholder of the company. “Liqvor” became a Closed Joint Stock Company. Having already 28 years of experience, the company “Liqvor” continues to manufacture and export medicines, exercising strict control over raw materials, substances, finished products in its modern microbiological and experimental laboratory, complying with the international criteria.

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