“Esco-Pharm” company was formed in 1999 and began its activities with one type of medicine, then the company expanded its production. In 2012, the company opened a new factory. The completion of its construction is expected in the near future. The factory will become more spacious and will be provided with new equipment. The company operates in accordance with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) and emphasizes the importance of water and raw materials quality, proper functioning of equipment, ventilation, and professional skills of employees. Company’s range includes more than 100 types of products: ointments, creams, liquids, tinctures, oils, powders, skin care products. The cosmetic and medicinal products “Narin-e” are the most popular in the market. “Esco-Pharm” products are in great demand in the Armenian market.

The company aims to use local raw materials. The tinctures (calendula tincture, leonuri tincture, crataegi tincture, escard, etc.) are derived from herbs grown in Armenia and complying with the quality indicators of the European Pharmacopoeia. Before securing permission to market, finished products are subject to examination. Products must comply with the quality control requirements presented in the registration documents. “Esco-Pharm” cooperates with all major wholesalers and provides high-quality products.

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