Drug manufacturers of the RA united into Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia (MPI Union). MPI Union has contributed to the development of the domestic and prospective pharmaceutics through the combined efforts of producers and importers of drugs. In 2019 producers of drugs were separated from the importers and founded a Non-governmental organization, the aim of which is to identify and put together main challenges of the local producers of medicines, in an effort to improve pharmaceutical field and protect the interests of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. On April 19, 2019, Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies started “Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals” NGO (ArPharMa). At present, 9 companies, which provide a large part of total production, are members of Association. The members of Аssociation are “Azad”, “Arpimed”, “A-Lab Pharmaceuticals”, “Esco-Pharm”, “Liqvor”, “Medical Horizon”, “Leyko-Alex”, “Noymed”, “Tonus-Les” companies. In line with its motto “High-quality medicines – healthy generation”  Association attaches special importance to the creation of favourable environment for the production of pharmaceuticals, protection of rights of pharmaceutical companies, implementation of legislative reforms, ensuring linkages with public and private bodies, development and promotion of the Armenian market and its integration into the international market.

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