Armenian pharmaceutical industry is at a high level


The Head of “ArPharMa” NGO assures that the pharmaceutical industry in Armenia is at a high level.

During the interview with Sputnik Armenia, Taguhi Piruzyan, the Head of the Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals of the RA, told about the import of unregistered medicines in 2020. Among them, there were products, the analogues of which were being produced by Armenian companies in sufficient quantity.

“There were no issues with provision of products of Armenian manufacturing companies when the country was in a state of emergency and then martial law. Actually, I don’t think that the import of unregistered medicines has to be totally banned, as it can put the healthcare system at risk: The import of unregistered drugs can be necessary for saving human lives in different emergency situations”, – Taguhi Piruzyan mentioned.

According to T. Piruzyan, the import of the products, analogues of which are being produced by Armenian companies in sufficient amounts to meet market demand, has to be banned. The importance of this regulation was emphasized during the of meeting pharm companies with the Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan.

T. Piruzyan assures that there is a quite developed pharmaceutical sector in Armenia. There are about 13-14 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Armenia. Most of them are members of the Association. The member companies produce different types of medicines: sterile and non-sterile medications, suppositories, syrups, herbal tinctures, etc. One of the companies produce 60% of the Essential Drug List.

The market share of Armenian companies in the domestic market is 16%. More than 50% of Armenian pharmaceutical production is exported.