On its 30th anniversary, the leader of pharmaceutical industry of Armenia, Liqvor, opened an R&D (Research and Development) centre. The opening ceremony was also attended by the rector of Yerevan State Medical University, Armen Muradyan. Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Liqvor and YSMU. The purpose of this MoC is to foster the development of education, science and pharmaceutical industry. Liqvor also signed a memorandum with the Institute of Pharmacy of Yerevan State University. Within the framework of cooperation with Higher educational institutions, it is envisaged to create an educational platform for implementation of YSMU and YSU students’ practical trainings on the territory of the company. During those trainings, students will study the principles of GMP and GLP and organisation of production processes. Liqvor established a scholarship named after Academician Emil Gabrielyan for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of YSMU, as well as a scholarship named after Professor Rafael Matevosyan, which will be awarded to the excellent student of the Institute of Pharmacy of YSU.