The personnel of ArPharMa has visited “Liqvor” company, which is a member of the Association. General Director of the company Sergey Matevosyan and Taguhi Piruzyan discussed the activities and achievements of the company. Quality Control and Assurance Manager Gayane Pepanyan introduced the history of the formation of the company. She took us round the plant and presented the products of “Liqvor”. It should be noted that the company started its activities 28 years ago, and today we witness the workshop, which was built in compliance with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). The company has necessary equipment and modern microbiological laboratory. Now, the factory produces 60 types of products: intravenous, intramuscular injection drugs and sterile ophthalmic medicines. The index of export is very high. The company exports 70% of the production to countries in Eurasia, Central Asia and the Middle East.