On 23 July, we visited “Esco-pharm” pharmaceutical company. With the Director of the company Ashot Gasparyan we discussed the main issues of the field. Then we took a tour around the factory which meet GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). We observed the production process and the range of products. “Esco-pharm” produces more than 100 non-sterile products: creams, ointments, liquids, powders, skin care products. Health and cosmetic means “Narin-e” are the most popular in the market. At one of the parts of the factory construction works are being carried out. After the construction, the factory will become more spacious and will be provided with new equipment. Since the quality of products is very important for the company, strict control is exercised over the quality of raw materials and water. Particular attention is paid to testing of competencies of employees, the ventilation system, territory, the operation of equipment.

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