On May 24, 25 a conference titled “The solution of the challenge for the combination of quality improvement and costs reduction for the patients in the RA” was held in the hotel “Hrazdan” under the higher patronage of “Liqvor”, “Arpimed”, “Medical Horizon” companies, which are members of “Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals” NGO of the RA. The conference was organized by the MoH RA Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise, “Association for Pharmaceutical development of the RA”, “INVK” Dutch company. Presentations were made by L. Ghazaryan, N. Romanova, K. Meliksetyan, G. Sargsyan, professor from The Netherlands P. Fellen. During the Conference the speakers tried to make the “doctor-patient-pharmacist” link and the cooperation between them more accessible, helping to simplify the process of purchasing drugs. Also information about the mobile application WEB-RADR reporting about side effects of drugs was provided. The Director of “Liqvor”, Director of international department of INVK Iwana Nikolik, Director of “Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals” also delivered speeches. Taguhi Piruzyan introduced the “Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals”, its goals and main activities.